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Your Guide to Play Academy Partnership

1. Partner Up
Connect With Us:

Start by telling us which recreational services you envision in your community. Our goal is to enrich your neighborhood with activities everyone loves.

2. Schedule Creation
Tailored Proposals:

We'll craft a custom proposal for your community, considering schedule, pricing, and preferences to ensure our services fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and budget.

3. Legal Framework
Coverage and Peace of Mind:

Upon proposal acceptance, we'll provide all necessary legal documentation, including COIs and hold harmless agreements, ensuring your community is protected.

4. Staffing Excellence
Hiring Expertise:

Our mission is to recruit top-notch local coaches and trainers with the required certifications and insurance, guaranteeing the highest quality for our programs.

5. Marketing Support
Spreading the Word:

Effective marketing is key to success. We support our community partners with all necessary marketing materials, leveraging newsletters, onsite efforts, and social media to highlight upcoming activities.

6. Launch Preparation
Seamless Sign-Ups:

Residents can easily register for classes through our platform, providing basic information and payment details. Our streamlined process ensures minimal workload for community managers while offering residents instant access to our services.

Let's Play!

Join us in making your community a vibrant hub of activity and wellness. With Play Academy, adding value to your neighborhood has never been easier or more enjoyable.

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