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Are you looking for an exciting and engaging summer camp experience for your junior? Look no further! Our all-day junior summer camp in your neighborhood offers a wide variety of fun activities and field games. From sports to swimming, our camp will provide your junior with an active and entertaining environment that will keep them engaged throughout the day. Not only will they have fun, but they will also get to be part of a community in their own neighborhood.
Join us this summer for an unforgettable experience!

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Summer Activity

Camp Home is Your 



Welcome to our summer activity camp! We prioritize safety, fun, and community. Please enjoy this document with information regarding our rules and regulations, safety and precautions.

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Code of Conduct

  1. Respect camp staff and fellow campers.

  2. Follow all safety rules and guidelines.

  3. Try your best in all camp activities.

Health and Safety

To ensure everyone's safety, follow these camp rules:

  • Buddy system.

  • No running near the pool.

  • Stay hydrated.

  • Wear sunscreen.

  • Report any injuries to staff immediately.

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Heat & Hydration Protocol R.I.I.P. Method


Rehydration is essential to staying safe and energetic. Campers must always bring their water bottle to each activity for easy access.


Emphasis on hydration! Daily camp adjustments include more water and shaded breaks, less physically demanding activities, longer breaks, and longer time in the pool.


15 on-5 off! Campers PLAY for 15 minutes. This is where they understand and enjoy their current activity. Once the time expires the campers have a mandatory 5-minute break with water. Here campers will recharge their batteries, cool down, and enjoy some downtime.


Enjoyment of activities with a positive community provides an environment filled with joy and fun for the campers. Counselors will keep the campers engaged through a variety of fun games.

Activity Guidelines

  • Always follow the instructions of the activity leader.

  • Wear appropriate clothing and gear for each activity.

  • Participate in a respectful and safe manner.

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Injury Prevention & Care

Well-stocked first aid kit, attentive staff, Proper warm-ups for activities, emergency contact on hand, well-supplied First Aid kit, CPR/AED and Lifeguard Certified staff.

Order of PLAY

8-8:15 AM:

Check-in, drop off,

Free time.

Lead counselors check each camper in.

Campers enjoy free time overseen by our team of counselors.

8:15-11:45 AM

Camp activities.

Campers rotate every 40 minutes through various activities.

Three activity rotations, two 20-minute snack breaks, and a 30-minute group game.

11:45-12:45 PM

Lunch and wardrobe change.

Lunch time in the shade.

After lunch campers will change into their swimsuits for pool time.

12:45-1:45 PM

Pool time.

Time in the water with their peers.

Campers will cool down and enjoy their last hour of camp with their peers.

Pool will have a designated camp location to keep an easy and necessary eye on our campers. 

1:45-2 PM

Check out & pick up.

Time to get ready for pick up.

Campers are picked up and checked out by the assigned guardian.

2-2:15 PM

Counselors dismissed.

Counselors are dismissed at 2:15 PM.

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to arrange an on time pick up.

A late fee of $25 per 30 minutes will be applied to accounts with tardy pick up.

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We hope you have an amazing time at camp! Remember to follow the rules, respect others, and stay safe. Let's make unforgettable memories!

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Click below to find a summer camp near you, or request PLAY  in your community today! 
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PLAY offers a wide variety of adult tennis clinics, so whether you're a beginner looking to focus on the basics, an advanced player looking for tactical work, or a cardio tennis enthusiast, we have you covered. Group play or private lessons are both available. And if we don't have what you're looking for just let us know and we'll do our best to create it for you!


Private lessons are the perfect option for those looking for a bit more attention on their game. Whether you’re new to the sport or an advanced player looking to work on specialized tactics, private lessons will always prove worth the investment. Our experienced coaches will work with you to achieve your desired goals.


PLAY understands that a major part of development is simply having fun while learning. PLAY focuses on interactive drills and games to keep the kids engaged (No more standing in lines). We keep the clinics light, fun, and engaging, while also teaching the class curriculum for the day . Our goal is to have our juniors leaving wanting more!


PLAY is the perfect solution for your summer needs! We come to your neighborhood and run a full-day, full-week summer sports camp for juniors ages 5-12. Our camps have an eight-to-one student-to-counselor ratio to ensure proper camper care, and we tailor the sports/activities to each unique community.



Welcome to PLAY my HOA! We are excited to get you out on court with us!  Whether you are looking for tennis or pickleball, we are all about fun and community in the convenience of your HOA! 


Please fill out your member information and keep an eye out for a welcome email to establish your account with us. 


Get ready to PLAY!

Tennis Racket and Ball


Our philosophy is simple. We want to get to know you as a player so that we can positively influence your game through PLAY’s methodology.


PLAY we use a progressive wholistic’ performance-based ladder to optimize your tennis education. PLAY’s methodology allows for seamless identification of core issues, which are hurting the functionality of the player. We will address these tendencies and habits, and over time adjust to create a game which matches our students’ desires.


Each session, whether it be private or group will act as a platform for each player to experiment and grow as they practice physical, mental, and emotional values, which will stay with each student and will extend far past the on court sessions. Through our performance ladder, we will use proper player progression to highlight key focuses in balance, skill and overall enjoyment of the sport.

Tennis is an ever-evolving sport and because of this it demands full attention from its coaches. PLAY is dedicated to being proactive and knowledgeable in the tennis industry and promises proper education to each and every professional under the brand so that we as a company may bring a consistent message to all of our players, regardless of training location or player ability.


We hire our camp counselors through the community residents.


We are looking for responsible, attentive individuals ages 16-22, preferably with a background in sports.


If you or someone you know is looking for a summer position that fits this description, click the link below to sign up!

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No need to make a racquet!


Let us know how we can help you set up your first lesson.

Drop us a line below to request more information from one of our team members -

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